How to Make Cilok, Best Recipe

Cilok is one snack that is not foreign to people of Indonesia specifically regional Sundanese (West Java). Unfortunatelly, cilok like meatball.

Cilok is an Indonesian snack made with a mix of all function flour and tapioca flour, ground toasted dried shrimp, very finely sliced scallions, grated garlic, and period with sugar, salt, and ground white pepper.
Cilok itself originates from the word “Aci plug” which is where the name the reference of the raw product cilok controlled by aci/starch and a special method of consuming that is using the plug stem/bamboo skewers, for that reason called cilok. In fact there are numerous variations cilok, such as  cilok fried, cilok spicy peanut  and grilled cilok original.

• 200 grams of starch
• 200 grams of wheat flour
• 2 cloves of garlic puree
• 1 teaspoon of bouillon powder
• 1/4 teaspoon ground pepper
• 2 leeks very finely sliced
• 400 ml of water, the addition is required up until the dough is formed
• 1 teaspoon salt
• water to boil
Peanut Sauce Ingredients:
• 150 grams of peanuts roasted/ fried then puree
• 1 teaspoon sugar
• 1 teaspoon vinegar
• salt to taste
• adequate water
• How to make the peanut sauce:
How to make the peanut sauce:
• Mix peanut (smoothed) with vinegar, salt, sugar and water.
• Heat over the fire for a while till thickened.
• Blend a little chili paste if you desire spicy

How to make cilok:
• The primary step mix starch and flour and sieve, next include the leeks and garlic and stir up until combined. Set aside in advance.
• Heat the water (400ml), include salt, bouillon powder and pepper (if making use of).
• Get in the water is still hot mix into the flour gradually while diuleni till smooth and combined or till dough is simple to establish. Let the water to the boil. If it had actually been able to set up the dough stop including water so that the dough is not too thin.
• Take the dough a little and rounded shape (cilok), do till the dough runs out.
• Cilok then boiled in boiling water.
• If it suggests that drifts cilok cilok ripe. Raise such cilok then drain once again quickly prior to steamed till prepared and tender.
• If it is steamed and cooked, then cilok prepares fried, or likewise can be straight consumed by method of water it with peanut sauce ahead of time.

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