The Wonderful of Ujung Kulong

dTaman Nasional Ujung Kulon is a place where is the location in West Java, Indonesia. Ujung Kulon Nation Garden has 50 until 60 rhinoceros who lives in this habitat. This garden has wide around 122.956 Ha. This nation garden is the first nation garden in indonesia where be legitimated as the world legacy which is protected by UNESCO on 1991.

At the first, Ujung Kulon is a agricultural areas at some times until finally destroyed and depleted the entire population when krakatao mountain was erupted on august 27th, 1883 that finally changed this area back to forest. UNESCO has increased management capability of Ujung Kulong Nation Garden as world natural heritage site by giving financing support and technical assistance.

There are some islands where can be tourism places. There are Panaitan Island, Handeleum Island, Peucang Island, etc.

  1. The first is Panaitan island.


It is a place where is the location in Ujung Semenanjung Ujung Kulong Nation Garden area. The hill of Panaitan Island is formed by pristine jungle vegetation with a combination of Mangrove Forest, beach forest, and rain forest. The forest condition is still pure with some animals who live there, for instance, deer, mouse deer, monkey, chrocodile, lizard, pyhton and some kinds of bird. This island is a good place for surfer.

  1. The second is Handeleum Island.


The location of Handeleum island is between of some small islands. The wide of Handeleum island is ± 220 Ha. Cigenter, Penggembalaan Cigenter field, and Cikabeumbeum are places that have good view.

  1. The third is Peucang Island.


Peucang Island is the place that has most visitors from inside or outside of the country. The beach in this island has special characteristic that is white sand. Natural attractions that can be enjoyed on this island is like tracking to karang copong, swimming, snorkeling and diving.

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