Kepo Boy “The First Story of Me”

           My Name is Jonathan Dick Freezy. It’s cool name right ?, but my friends call me Kepo Boy. Ya I am a Senior High School Student who is in second class. I have habitual that always want to know everything if it makes me interested. Even that it makes me really… really… really… so interested, I will break it, explore it, and making some interview with peoples who know about it. Ya that is me ! and now, I am interesting with girls habit that always take a picture their food before she eats that food and then she will upload it to social media just for update. Is it importand ?

            It’s began when I am going to canteen with my friend’s ani for have a lunch. When we will eat our food, ani made a scream.

“Argghhh damn it”

“What’s wrong ani ? is there something wrong with your food ?”

“Ya I just take a picture my food yet.”

“Is it importand ? just for it, you have made all people in this canteen shocked with your scream.”

“oh I don’t care them but I care with this. Of course it is importand. I don’t wanna be a kudet person like “Mie Sedap Advertisement”, I must be an update person.”

“It’s clear that you are eating Mie Sedap right now”

Because of Ani, I am interesting with that case now.

            In the next day, I am starting to find other answers why is girl really like take a picture her food before she eats her food ? I start with Mona, my classmate.

“Hey mona, may I ask you something ?”

“Oh ya what is it kepo boy ?”

“What are you doing before you eat your food ?”

“Oh of course I’m going to pray”

I am not worry again, My classmate doesn’t have habit like ani.

“And then I’m going to take a picture my food. I don’t wanna be a kudet person. Hahaha”

I’m wrong… -__-

“By the way, why you have to do it ?”

“That’s why social media is for”

After that I am going to asking Melly, my friend in OSIS.

“Hey melly, can I ask you something ?”

“No, sorry. I can’t focus on anything now. Mr. Muggle is dead. Hiks hiks hiks”

“Oh sorry to hear that. Who is Mr. Muggle, by the way ?”

“My koi fish”

Krik… krik… krik…

“Oh okey, I should go now”

            Now I have three answers from my friends who I asked before. First is from Ani. She said that it is importand thing because she doesn’t want to be a kudet person. Second is from Mona. She said that it is why social media is for. And the third is from Melly. She said that she’s koi fish is dead.

Krik… krik… krik…

I think the answers from ani and mona can answer my question. If you want to be an update person and don’t wanna let your social media be useless, you have to always take a picture your food before your eat it.


Created By Robi Budiman


NB : Please wait for the sequel from this shor story, Kepo Boy “The Secret of Tongsis”.


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