Smoking Cigarettes

            Smoking cigarettes are how to shorten your life quickly. First of all, you should know about the ingredients of a cigarette. A cigarette contains more then 7.000 chemicals in it. It makes a cigarette to be very dangerous for our body. If just a cigarette contains more then 7.000 chemicals, a pack of cigarette consists of twelve cigarettes and it makes a pack of cigarette has 84.000 chemicals in it. It makes people consume so much chemicals instantly. Therefore, smoking cigarette can damage the part of inside your body.

            Firstly, it can damage the lungs. Lung is the human instrument to breathing. Without the lungs, of course, human can’t breathing. Damage on your lung will make you to having emphysema. Emphysema is kind of disease that human often get after they smoking cigarette. Emphysema makes human difficult to breathing. It caused by smoke of cigarette that go into the lung and it makes human got emphysema. Therefore, human always have problem with their breathing.

            Secondly, it can damage your heart. Smoke of cigarette can also go into your heart. It is really not good for your heart because smoke of cigarette also contains so much chemicals. It seems like you give your heart food by chemical. If your heart have problem with smoke, it will make you having heart disease. Commonly, you will get heart attack and of course, it will make you die instantly.

            Thirdly, it can damage the brain tissue. Smoke of cigarette can go into your heart too. It is really not good because you will have Alzheimer. Alzheimer is kind of disease that makes your brain to be small. It caused by breakage on your brain tissue. If you get that disease, you will difficult to thinking, and you will die soon.

            In short, smoking cigarette is a good way to shorten your life with faster because it can damage your body’s organ. Certainly, you will get dangerous diseases.

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