Advetising ,MR. Romel


Techniques of Persuasion : Motivating the consumer

1. Stacking : Bank Danamon

Reason : This advertisement showing 5 ways that good when we save money in that bank.

Link :

2. Repetion : Freshcare

Reason : This advertisement shows that this product can help heal minor illnesses in the family such as headache, stiff and etc.

Link :

3. Slogan : Big Cola

Reason : This advertisement has the word “Big Kick” as the slogan of the product.

Link :

4. Logo : Pepsi

Reason : This advertisement have a logo as a sign from that  product.

Link :

5. Snob Appeal : Garuda Indonesia

Reason : This advertisement showing the beauty of the dewata island, bali.

Link :

6. Cause and Effect : Vaselin Man

Reason : This advertisement was originally a man having an oily face problem after using vaseline his face is not oily anymore.

Link :

7. Emotional Appeal : AW

Reason : This advertisement showing a man with an expression of emotion that want to eat in AW.

Link :

8. Price Appeal : Iklan Home Shoping Kipas Angin

Reason : This Advertisement Alpha give discounts, price of 350.00 to 249.00

Link :

9. Testimonial : Top Coffee

Reason : This advertisement Iwan Fals a legend singer from Indonesia and Anthony a coffee master give support for this product .

Link :

10. Sex Appeal : Axe Coklat

Reason : This Advertisement an angel attracted to a man after he was put on perfume.


11. Bandwagon : Suzuki NEX

Reason : This Advertisement featuring boy band SM*SH and young people to encourage other young people to use this product.

Link :

12. Confusion : Shampoo Lifebuoy

Reason :  Are you confused with your dandruff hair? This advertisement can solve your hair problems.

Link :

13. Technique Jorgon : Castrol Power 1

Reason : On the advertisement This oil uses technology for your motorcycle

Link :

14. Transfer : Clas Mild

Reason : This Advertisement have a slogan “Talk Less Do More” not be releated to the product to attract consumer attention.

Link :

15. Plain Folks : Visit Malaysia Year 2007

Reason : This Advetisement tries to identified this product with commond people.

Link :

16. Glittering Generality : Magnum Gold

Reason : If you eat this than you feels like eating ice cream plush.

Link :

17. Avante Garde : Iphone 5

Reason : This advertisement explained that this product is the most advanced and most comprehensive handphone of all handphone in the world now.

Link :

18. Facts and Figure : Suzuki Ertiga

Reason : This advertisement showing statistic and objective factual information about this product.

Link :

19. Weasel Words : Iklan Raya Petronas

Reason : This Advertisement shows a positive meaning about Alphaa child who had to keep his parents until they old.

Link :

20. Wit and Humor : Bq Coot – Iklan produk minuman es dawet

Reason : This advertisement showing animation for entertain consumers to be interested with this product.
Link :

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